10 Ways To Boost Your New Year

Each year is usually followed by your New Year’s resolutions and HEALTH is always the first 5 list of topics covered by YOU!

You want to obviously want a better boost of energy level ,preservation of mental health or at least stop the deterioration of memory function and maintain the weight or lose the excess pounds that you have collected in the previous years!

Below are 10 ways to boost your energy level!

1. Sleep early

Sufficient sleep is essential to YOU and how much is enough? You need at least 6 – 8 hours of sleep each night and the quality of sleep matters too. Melatonin ,is not just a SLEEP hormone that is not only found in YOU but is also found in animals and plants.So .. yes !Plants do sleep after all.

The secretion of Melatonin occurs during the night in response to the darkness. It reaches a maximum level in the middle of the night, then decrease until the morning. When morning comes,the light will breakdown your melatonin  and hence,you will be able to wake up in the morning feeling fresh and waiting to start another new day.

If you do not have the normal circadian rhythm, disease can occur. Melatonin is important for your immune system, biological clock  ,reducing the risk of obesity and diabetes .Melatonin is also a POTENT antioxidant and it is essentially important for cancer patients

2. Move YOUR bowels everyday

The surface are of your colon is equivalent to the surface of your tennis court.Your bowels are the place for essential  “exchange of nutrients and excretion of your waste products”.Hence ,you must ensure that it regulates well as it is most fundamental organ in our body that we least emphasized. In fact there is a close relationship of chronic constipation to Parkinson’s disease. ! That shows how important the gut is to you.

The best way to ensure the gut is healthy is to provide it with healthy and viable OHHIRA probiotics.It is the ONLY paste form that is captured for you in a seaweed based capsule. It is easy to carry as it does not need refrigeration as it has withstood many seasonal changes in JAPAN .

Make sure your stool floats and does NOT stinks. Regular colonics with probiotics will help you to maintain your colon health!

3. Flood your body with VEGETABLE juice

Your body undergoes a lot of wear and tear and the best way to replenish is to provide fluids that are rich in minerals and NOT sugar.Fresh vegetable juices provide your body with the right pH balance and it is most delicious way to stay healthy.

Homemade vegetable juices provide you raw materials for your body healing…All natural compared to the cartons or tetra pack juices on the shelf.

You need to use the 2 tier juice extractor to ensure that the minerals are preserved and not damaged during the process of extraction. For more information about the kind of juice extractor needed, you may call us at 03 -6203 0980 or e-mail at nwccustomer@gmail.com

4. Stop alcohol and smoking

Alcohol robs your youth and hormones. Alcohol can have many effects on the brain, liver ,nervous tissues, immune system and body.It can result in acute effects of intoxication, short-term effects (with 72 hours), and long-term effects (one or more years of heavy use) of alcohol intoxication.

The immediate effect of alcohol is your cognitive abilities (brain function)will be affected by even small amounts of alcohol. Alcohol affects many parts of the brain, but the most vulnerable cells are those associated with memory, attention, sleep, coordination, and judgment. Your sleep will also be affected as alcohol inhibits REM sleep. When REM sleep is suppressed you may feel tired when you wake up the next day.

The long –term effects of alcohol is also on your memory. Alcohol impairs memory by inhibiting the transfer and consolidation of information in your long-term memory. Your connection between nerve cells is affected and may  cause irreversible brain damage, including  your memory loss and even your personality changes.

5. Eat the Right food and right amount

1/3rd of your tummy should comprise YOUR food and other 1/3 rd of YOUR liquids and the remainder 1/3rd should comprise AIR! Your tummy needs the right type of diet that are full of anti-oxidants, unprocessed and chemical free .You must eat only    fresh foods that are not canned or re-heated many times .YOU must eat colorful and  FRESH fruits and vegetables at least 3-4 servings a day.

6. Balanced exercise

2 days of cardio workout and 2 days of resistant training and 2 days of pilates/yoga/qi-gong/tai –chi will provide you a holistic approach towards a balanced and a well-toned body.

7. Get the morning sun!

It is FREE! Your body needs the sun to be able to convert the vitamin D as it is important for your immune system and bone health!

8. Remove heavy metals

You are born in a world laden with chemicals and your first exposure is on the day you were born as antiseptics are used and vaccinations are given to you. The air you breathe is also contaminated with petrochemical by products from the vehicles and industrial factories.  The food we eat is also tainted with pesticides and preservatives. Ensure that you eat organic vegetables especially broccoli, tomatoes and chilies.

You must also ensure that you have  amalgam free dental fillings as amalgam has 50% mercury,30% silver and 20% nickel. Find a knowledgeable dentist who knows how to remove the filling SAFELY.

Chelation helps in removal of heavy metals but you must first make sure that the heavy metals especially in your mouth, is removed first.

9. Balance your hormones

Correct YOUR food, lifestyle and reduce your stress can help to re-balance your life and promote longevity. Hormones that are out of balance are more prone to disease and degeneration. Prevention and awareness are your first step in slowing down aging .

Always READ more about health and attend health courses or seminars to gather as much information as it will be a guide for you and this should be a continuous process. Always listen to your body cues.

10. Be happy and do your affirmations

The highest energy wins!!!

Let your happy hormones take over you and this will  ensure that your cell health is maintained at all times .Make simple affirmations for yourself and read them aloud for at least 30-60 days and wait for you to ‘bloom’.

For more information on wellness solutions, please contact +603 62030980

For Better Health,
Dr Nor

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