11 reasons why exercise is good for you

The 4 Pillars of Health

Pillar 3: Exercise

I’ve had many folks tell me about all types of exercise rituals, and just as many who tell me why exercise isn’t good for them – mostly excuses to get avoid a sweat out.

Exercise is actually good for you. Very good for you in fact.

And whether you’re managing a money printing organization, climbing the rungs, or just buzzling the kids to school, it pays to put some time aside to exercise. One of the more immediate benefits of exercising is its endorphin-releasing powers which work as a natural opiate to help you feel good. So, you can look forward to more good days without anti-depressant drugs made from unnatural substances.

11 reasons why exercise is good for you:

  1. Exercise keeps you slim and trim. It burns extra calories while suppressing your appetite for in-between meals.
  2. Better energy levels. You get a boost in energy which also helps you concentrate better.
  3. Better bedroom soiree. Sweating it out improves your libido and sexual functions.
  4. Better digestion. Exercise improves your digestive system and prevents constipation.
  5. More good days. Exercise releases endorphins – your body’s natural happy pill which guarantees good feelings and better self-esteem.
  6. Disease prevention. Prevent degenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes so you won’t need to treat them.
  7. Walk taller. Apart from improving your posture, exercise strengthens your bones and muscles to prevent osteoporosis and muscle wasting.
  8. Stronger heart. You strengthen your heart muscles when you exercise, which increases your body’s oxygen uptake.
  9. Better oxygen flow. When you exercise, your body pumps oxygen to all your organs and this improves your metabolic and detoxification systems – 2 crucial divisions that help you stay in shape.
  10. Fresh youthful looks. Exercise stimulates your body to generate more growth hormones, which in turn functions as a natural anti-aging element.
  11. Live longer. It’s not rocket science, but when your body’s healthy, you live longer.

Here are some of the different categories of exercise:

1. Cardio

Fast pace activity targeted at increasing pulse rate. The heart beats in response to a physical challenger.
Example : cycling, swimming, running. jogging, tennis, badminton
Suggestion:  2 to 3 times a week

2. Resistance

Sometimes called strength training, resistance exercises strengthen and tone muscles. Examples: Abdominal wall training, bicep curls
Suggestion: 2 to 3 times a week with a day’s rest between each session

3. De-stressing Exercises

Slow paced activities incorporating mind relaxation and controlled breathing exercises. These activities focus on body coordination, and is a great stress reliever for individuals constantly on the go.
Suggestion: 5 days a week
Examples: Tai-chi, Qi-gong, Yoga

Now that you know how much exercise can do for you, we’ll discuss more about achieving work-out goals in my next post.

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For Better Health,
Dr Nor

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