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Does your body efficiently absorb sufficient amount vitamins?

Most of the time we spend a big amount of money on vitamins hoping that they are being absorbed and utilised by our body, but this is actually not an assurance. Many vitamins, contrary to the advertisements, have unnatural structure and this means that they will not be easily absorbed by the body. There are also vitamins that we will not feel safe taking because they are chemically produced.

For example, one person has been taking this Vitamin B12 that he was able to purchase over the counter yet he still doesn’t feel energetic even after taking it for more than 3 months, and since the vitamins were not absorbed by the body. His hair mineral analysis proved that he had zero level of vitamin B12 level. Furthermore, it is known to us that that the absorption of vitamins greatly relies on the preparation, source and process of taking vitamins may it be oral, under the tongue, or through injection.

July Specials – Are You Taking Enough Vitamins & Anti-oxidants?

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