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WHY DETOXIFY ..IS it a MYTH or reality?

How important is detoxification?

As we eat and get exposed to toxic substance, we oftentimes accumulate toxic by-product wastes in our body.The human body does not necessary die from these toxins but continue to malfunction and suffer from chronic ailments especially in the presence of high levels of metal toxin such as lead, Aluminum, arsenic etc.

Hence before we get sick, we must be able to eliminate these wastes and that is why detoxification is important. Detox is a process of eliminating these toxic by-product wastes, and our body does it through the help of our liver, kidney, and skin. Also providing channels for detoxification are the large intestines.

It is most important to stop the use or ingestion of toxic substance as you undergo the process of detoxification, and in this process you will need enough tissue oxygenation, hydration (water intake), more probiotics and enough minerals and anti-oxidant.

Boost Your Oxygenation Level

It’s time to change your live and become the healthier you. It’s time to increase your energy level, improve your memory, improve the quality of your skin, develop a strong immune system. It is about time that you wake up fresh in the morning, do some workout and still make your body easily recover from it and protect your muscles from spasms. No more afternoon naps, just a whole day spent with so much pleasure.

Getting the ideal body weight, a regular bowel habits, good quality of skin, and a strong immune system ready to fight any kinds of infection, can be reflections of a healthy body. All these happen when you are not stressed or when you have a good eating habit because stress and bad eating practices may cause acidity to the pH level of your body and this may result to a situation where your red blood cells become sticky.