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Have you begun to age? Find out here.

Well, that’s a silly headline. But it got your attention didn’t it? Maybe you’re one of those who swear by the “I’m forever 21” code, and your primary school teacher told you that you started aging from the day you were born.

Guess what? She was right.

It’s not always bad. If you didn’t age, you wouldn’t experience the joys of different phases of life.  You can’t stop your body from maturing. But you can take steps to ensure you still get the best out of every day of your life.

10 Ways To Boost Your New Year

Each year is usually followed by your New Year’s resolutions and HEALTH is always the first 5 list of topics covered by YOU!

You want to obviously want a better boost of energy level ,preservation of mental health or at least stop the deterioration of memory function and maintain the weight or lose the excess pounds that you have collected in the previous years!

Below are 10 ways to boost your energy level!