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Preparing for a workout that works

The 4 Pillars of Health

Pillar 3: More on Exercise

Exercise is only a pain when you don’t know what you’re toiling for. And much like a secret military project, learning to Decide, Strategize and Execute will put you on your way to achieving a  leaner, firmer body in no time. Here’s how you can start:

11 reasons why exercise is good for you

The 4 Pillars of Health

Pillar 3: Exercise

I’ve had many folks tell me about all types of exercise rituals, and just as many who tell me why exercise isn’t good for them – mostly excuses to get avoid a sweat out.

Exercise is actually good for you. Very good for you in fact.

And whether you’re managing a money printing organization, climbing the rungs, or just buzzling the kids to school, it pays to put some time aside to exercise. One of the more immediate benefits of exercising is its endorphin-releasing powers which work as a natural opiate to help you feel good. So, you can look forward to more good days without anti-depressant drugs made from unnatural substances.