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Stress Culprits

Know them. Bust them.
In my last post, we talked about how our bodies response to stress. Now, we’ll learn to identify the causes of stress, called stressors, in order to tackle them. The 2 types of stressors include:

1.    External stressors (outside the body)
2.    Internal stressors (inside the body)

External Stressors

These comprise physical and environmental factors.

Physical factors:

These consist of the chemical content in your body. E.g.  extreme blood sugar levels, low magnesium levels, high homocysteine levels and high C-reactive protein levels.

Is mind and body health really interrelated, or just a myth?

The 4 Pillars of Health

Pillar 4:The Mind-Body Health

You’re likely to have received promotional material from wellness centres offering therapeutic treatments which claim health benefits. That’s right!. At some point, maybe you wondered if there really is a correlation between a relaxed mind and overall body wellness, or if this is just another scheme out to get your money.