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In the Gut – Part 2

The Leaky Gut Syndrome

Like a trusty security guard, the thin lining within your intestinal track regulates the ins and outs to your gut, allowing nutrient absorption and preventing nasty toxic by-products to be re-absorbed into your system.

The Leaky Gut Syndrome occurs when the intestinal lining fails to function properly, thus allowing toxins to permeate the gut. This can be caused by a propagation of bad bacteria or parasites in the intestinal track and foreign chemicals like antibiotics, titanium dioxide from whitening agents, pesticide-laden fruits and vegetables and oral contraceptive pills loaded with sex steroids.

In the Gut

Managing toxins from within
If you find yourself constantly fatigued, it’s probably time to check on the community in your gut. At 26-feet long, your digestive track is a bacterial wonderland! 2.5 pounds of microorganisms, 400 species and a total of 10 trillion bacteria inside you churning out chemicals and toxins which affect how your body works.