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Culprits in Your Beauty Bag

Believe it or not, yourbeauty products could be giving you more bang than you bargained for.

In 201O, the FDA found lead in all of the lipsticks tested, with amounts ranging from 0.09 ppm to 3.06 ppm,and an average value of 1.07 ppm. The FDA concludes that the lead levels found are within the range that would be expected from lipsticks formulated with permitted colour additives and other ingredients which are prepared under good manufacturing practice conditions.

Organic Makeup

Fat Chance

Escaping the clutches of stubborn fats

Minutes before the fireworks on New Year’s, most of us gave ourselves a dateline to get fitter, shappier and snazzier this year. Will you be meeting yours? If you answered with the title above and added a couple of exclamation points, then you may want to read on.


In ten years (1996 – 2006), the adult obesity rate has tripled, with one out of every ten Malaysians above age 18 being either overweight or obese.