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Tapping the Benefits of a Wellness Retreat

Come forth in to the light, let nature be your teacher.

– William Worthworth

Are you caught up in the maelstrom of your daily life, that you are stretching your energy to complete daily activities?

Today’s life is so fast-moving that life has become stressful and one of the biggest mistakes we normally make is failing to take stress seriously. If you are feeling fragmented, or unfulfilled, or unable to fulfil your potential doing the same activities day after day, you need to take some days off to regain perspective of things. You may have paid a fortune for a day of pampering to do your nails and your hair to feel good, but ask yourself, does it contribute to a durable sense of wellbeing? Yes, you’ll have to do a little more than that! So why not sign up for a Wellness Retreat?
Organised by Healthy Living, this Wellness Retreat is tailored to help you step away from your concrete jungle to recharge, renew and rejuvenate! Conducted by Dr Nor (the founder of Naturo-Wellness Clinic), together with a team of qualified professionals, rest assured, you will be in good hands. This 4-day retreat is designed to help you discover the body’s detoxification processes and their importance to health and wellness and of course, you’ll be undergoing a detoxification process yourself. To understand each participant’s needs, upon signing up, you will be required to participate in a pre-assessment test and will be given pre-retreat guidelines to ensure maximum results.