Garbage Enzyme

Dear readers,

I’d like to introduce you to Garbage Enzyme, some of you may have read about it before and to some of you, it may be something new and unheard of. In a gist, Garbage Enzyme is a DIY multi-purpose natural cleanser and fertilizer. Instead of using store-bought chemical detergents, I would strongly recommend that you try making your own Garbage Enzyme and explore its various uses. You will be amazed by its wonderful benefits. You’ll be able to recycle your own kitchen food waste, save our environment & save some expenses on your household detergents or fertilizer!!

Willing to give it a try? Read on….

What exactly is Garbage Enzyme?

It is a concentrated liquid, a product of a 3-month fermentation process made from kitchen waste, black sugar and water. Kitchen waste meaning only fruits and fruit peel. No meat or anything else.

The many uses of Garbage Enzyme…

1. Household cleansing solution.

Instead of toxic detergents, you can use this natural cleanser for mopping floors, cleaning up stubborn stains in the kitchen, washing the dishes, cleaning cars, and for cleaning the toilet.

2. Keeping insects away

Garbage Enzyme is quite effective in keeping away insects such as ants, cockroaches, spiders and lizards. Give it a try!

3. As compost for plants and vegetables

The residues (that is the fruit peels) of the Garbage Enzyme can be dried and ‘blend’ into pieces and stored up. They can be added to the soil as fertilizer when needed.

It is really a good way to recycle our fresh kitchen waste.

Try it and let me know how it goes!

Dr Nor

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