Are your daily habits helping you age faster?

17 bad habits that accelerate your body’s aging process.

Your year kicked off with a list of resolutions longer than the Yangtze river. You swiped your card for gym fees, green food and enough supplements for two lifetimes. Then you consoled yourself that giving up Friday night socials to pay off your debts was worth it to stay healthy.

You needn’t suffer the above.

Kick out these 17 bad habits and you could be off to feeling healthier, younger and stronger despite moving another year up the ladder.

1) Excessive sugar & salt consumption

Eating foods with high sugar content and trans fatty acids is bad for you. Cakes, doughnuts, pastries  and cookies. Prettier on the tray than in chubby layers on you. Leave them.

Excessive salt from junk food hardens blood vessel walls resulting in thickened arteries and high blood pressure. Keep them out of your grocery basket.

2) Excessive intake of carbohydrates

Excessive intake of carbohydrates, especially from white rice, white sugar and breads made from white flour, causes insulin resistance which could lead to diabetes.

Wheat contains gluten. If you are gluten sensitive, you may have food intolerance that may result in inflammation of the gut which could affect your immune system.

3) Excessive fried food intake

Foods fried at over 100°C will experience a change in molecular structure which is more difficult for your body to break down. Besides, oily clogged up pipes don’t carry liquids well. Neither will your arteries. Choose steamed foods as a healthier alternative.

4) Limited fruit & vegetable intake

The Okinawan people fom Japan, whose lifespan generally exceed a hundred years, consume more than 100 types of fruits and vegetables per week.  How’s your green diet looking?

Eating only one specific category of food limits your body’s anti-oxidants and minerals. Mama always said eat your greens.

5) The  ‘One-Bite-Swallow-All’ champ

Here’s one marathon you don’t want to win. Eating too fast chokes your stomach as your stomach and pancreas are unable to produce enzymes in time for proper digestion.

Indigestion also makes you feel sluggish and sleepy. Take it easy, chew and learn to enjoy your meal.

6) Late nights

Sleeping past midnight affects your body’s natural production of growth hormone and melatonin − 2 key substances that help your body heal. Manage your time better and keep the office to the office.

7) Stress

High stress levels raise your body’s adrenalin content causing your muscles (including lung muscles) to contract or stiffen. That’s why you find it hard to breathe when stressed.

8 ) Too much or too little exercise

Too little exercise. Day to day activities such as house cleaning and gardening helps reduce aging by up to 40% ,mkn. Add on a regular exercise regime to supplement your daily activities. Discipline. You’ve heard of it before.

Too much strenuous exercise. Your body produces excessive free radicals which contribute to aging . Free radicals are the highly reactive molecules in your body which can cause damage to other cells.  Think of a loose cannon ball on a rampage!

9) Avoiding raw food

Raw foods contain powerful live enzymes and energy forces that do your body good. Cut down on the canned, the fried, the grilled and the sizzle pit. Learn to snack on raw vegetables.  It’s not just your bunny who needs greeny goodness.

10) Eratic meals

Eating at odd hours stresses your adrenal glands that control cortisol production. Cortisol is a natural anti-inflammatory hormone that is important for blood sugar regulation to prevent diabetes.

11) Constipation

Faeces are the by-products your body produces during its natural metabolism process. When you don’t regulate your bowels consistently, you’re actually permitting your body to recycle toxins! It’s good to take potty time off daily.

12) Excessive milk and dairy consumption

Milk causes inflammation and produces mucus.

13) Consuming frozen, reheated and fast foods

Frozen and reheated foods no longer contain live enzymes that your body needs, while fast foods lack important nutrients such as refined carbohydrates. Those discount vouchers in your wallet?  Time to toss those out.

14) Consuming foods with artificial flavourings, colourings, preservatives, anti-caking agents & MSG

These additives stress out your immune system, cause inflammation and affect your body’s natural detoxification processes. The next time your thirst sensors twang, think twice before reaching for that soda.

15) Consuming foods with partially hydrogenated fats

Light, crunchy cookies are excellent tummy pleasers. Do yourself a favour and take a peek at the nutrition label for ingredients like vegetable shortening.  Hydrogenated fat is another term for trans fatty acid, and a culprit for bad cholesterol and heart disease.

16) Harbouring ill feelings

It’s not always about what goes in you that counts. What comes out of you matters too. Negative emotions zap your energy levels, reducing your body pH to become more acidic. This negative energy disrupts the flow of good energy in you.

17) Worrying too much

It’s not just forehead creases you should be bothered about. Worry increases your cortisol levels above the normal range which can cause blood pressure to increase. It also suppresses your immune system and affects sleep. Improper sleeping suppresses your growth hormones, which ironically, is the substance you need to maintain that fresh face!

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For Better Health,
Dr Nor

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