Does your body efficiently absorb sufficient amount vitamins?

Most of the time we spend a big amount of money on vitamins hoping that they are being absorbed and utilised by our body, but this is actually not an assurance. Many vitamins, contrary to the advertisements, have unnatural structure and this means that they will not be easily absorbed by the body. There are also vitamins that we will not feel safe taking because they are chemically produced.

For example, one person has been taking this Vitamin B12 that he was able to purchase over the counter yet he still doesn’t feel energetic even after taking it for more than 3 months, and since the vitamins were not absorbed by the body. His hair mineral analysis proved that he had zero level of vitamin B12 level. Furthermore, it is known to us that that the absorption of vitamins greatly relies on the preparation, source and process of taking vitamins may it be oral, under the tongue, or through injection.

Anti-oxidant is an important vitamin that we commonly know and these are actually “chemicals” that we get from fruits and it assists in fighting the results of oxidizing process in our body. The effect of oxidation can actually be results of the food we eat and our practices, and it can also be acquired from the environment itself. Many other things contribute to high oxidation effects and this may include the eating of fried or sugary food and high fat diet, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, sun-bathing, cigarette smoking, and stressful work or relationship.

To explain this further, here is another method. Just like when we eat an apple that bitten part of the core appears to be white at first. However, it would begin to have colour as it is exposed to air and heat, and this event is caused by oxidation. This also happens to our body.

Therefore, there must be balance between anti-oxidant interaction and oxidation in order to maintain a balanced health.

Anti-oxidants functions to stabilize our cells by interacting with the free radicals. These free radicals make the cells unstable when they are excessively produced and it may lead to the destruction of some molecules including our DNA. The damage it may cause should not be easily disregarded as they may result to serious matters like cancer and other diseases. The antioxidant neutralize the electrical charge of the free radicals in order to prevent cell damage, and examples of these anti-oxidants are betacarotene, lycopene, vitamins C, E, and A, alpha lipoic acid, and many others. However, it doesn’t mean that over consumption of anti-oxidants is also fine because when you have too much of this, it may cause production of pro-oxidant and free radicals too.

So take some preventive measures simply by checking out new methods and simple tests to detect the free radical and anti-oxidants. Some methods can be very quick and efficient.

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To a better health,

Dr Nor


  • November 1, 2010 | Permalink |

    Dear Dr Nor

    As a corporate trained person, I am careful to select vitamins/antioxidants from companies with a good track record and product line . Today, bioavailable formulations are of utmost importance so absorption of nutrients into our cells should not be an issue unless we have a leaky gut syndrome. If I have such formulations, I should be be more concern then with the consistancy of the dosage of nutrient intake and the potency of the formulation.

    Would you agree?? I hope to receive a reply soon. Thank you.

  • DrNor
    November 11, 2010 | Permalink |

    Dear Li-Lin Tai
    Yes ,it is important to choose who the manufacturer of the vitamins is as the procedure of how it is processsed and methods of extraction to get the vitamin are important points to be considered especially the probiotics and Omega 3 oils.The next point to consider too is the dosage and when you take these vitamins and with the kind of foods that you take with as it may block its absorption . The dosage will depend on the ‘illness’ that you are having and the demand from the lifestyle you are in.The best method is to check your free radical and anit-oxidant levels.Dr Nor

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