Boost Your Oxygenation Level

It’s time to change your live and become the healthier you. It’s time to increase your energy level, improve your memory, improve the quality of your skin, develop a strong immune system. It is about time that you wake up fresh in the morning, do some workout and still make your body easily recover from it and protect your muscles from spasms. No more afternoon naps, just a whole day spent with so much pleasure.

Getting the ideal body weight, a regular bowel habits, good quality of skin, and a strong immune system ready to fight any kinds of infection, can be reflections of a healthy body. All these happen when you are not stressed or when you have a good eating habit because stress and bad eating practices may cause acidity to the pH level of your body and this may result to a situation where your red blood cells become sticky.

Consequently, the surface membrane of your blood will be reduced and may only be capable of carrying less oxygen to the rest of your body, and this may cause to lesser optimal function of all your organs. Worst, this situation may cause fatigue and weaker function of vital organs such as your brain, thyroid, sex organ, and even your whole body’s immune system.

It is therefore important to boost our oxygenation level in order to keep our bodies healthy, and this can be done in the following methods:

  • Proper exercise that may enhance your breathing such as cardio exercises, and even tai chi, Qi gong and yoga
  • Body pH level must be balanced so that body cells can function well, and this can be done by including fresh vegetable & fruits in your diet
  • It is also advised not to eat too much of fried and grilled food like barbeque and even canned goods
  • Undergoing the process of ozone therapy may kill infectious bacteria in your body and it is a natural alternative treatment
  • Colon ozone therapy is also important in allowing a better flow of blood in your gut area & liver detoxifation.
  • You can also try undergoing a low-level laser therapy, and this process uses light-emitting diodes which can improve cellular function and may allow tissue healing, pain relief and healing of wounds or inflammation.
  • Including low-glycemic fruits or those that contain less sugar in your daily diet can also be a good way to boost oxygenation level, and these may include star fruit, guava, and strawberries.
  • Eliminate preservatives ,food chemicals and glutamate (MSG) as the MSG is neurotoxic  especially to the memory cells.
  • Eliminate caffeine beverages and all forms of alcohol
  • Have about 6-8 hours of sleep per day


For more information to Boost Your Oxygenation Level,  please contact +603 62030980.

To a better health,

Dr Nor


  • September 7, 2010 | Permalink |

    Hi Dr Nor,

    Thanks for the article. Short and sweet!
    Keep it coming.

  • September 8, 2010 | Permalink |

    Hi Dr Nor, sorry I could not find time to bring my daughter Sasha before we left for Melbourne . She has stopped complaining of tummy ache for now as she is pretty happy at her new school. thank you for updating and keep the articles coming.

  • September 8, 2010 | Permalink |

    Very good articale. Very informative .

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