Does your face tell all of YOU? Is beauty just a skin deep?

I strongly disagree with the phrase “beauty is just a skin deep”. “Beauty Is Only Skin Deep” is a 1966 hit single recorded by The Temptations for the Gordy (Motown) label.

True beauty is a reflection  on the ‘glow of the skin’ and with little presence of wrinkles, acne, sagging of the skin/facial muscles and  skin pigmentation .A ‘gorgeous person ‘ will have shinning eyes surrounded by a clear aura around her that depicts calmness and yet in control of her/himself…. And this is contributed by a balanced state of mind, body and spirit.

Balanced Hormones

Your skin and even the shine in your eyes thrive on balanced hormones (estrogen, cortisol ,  growth hormones) .Perhaps .. the eyes are the windows of your soul…. May hold  some truth afterall . With the right hormone balance, you will notice that your biological skin will also look even 10 years younger and this is the changes that I see in my practice .

Vitamins and Diet

’Life nutrients’ (vitamins ,minerals and anti-oxidants) from  fruits, vegetables, sprouted grains and protein will provide adequate essential building blocks for skin and internal body repair and healing.The 21st century diet is too refined and modified and we are eating a lot of foods that are devoid of nutrients. Hence, I coined the word “ urban malnutrition’  .You eat foods that are just fillers to your ‘hunger pangs’ and if this is continued ,the skin starts to age as it cannot keep up with the wear and tear of everyday living.

GUT imbalance

Your Gut includes the small and the large intestines .The small intestines helps to breakdown the food for better nutrient absorption to maintain cellular repair .The large intestines ensure that you excrete the waste by products of metabolism .If you are all the time feeling  bloated  ,there is a HUGE fermentation or putrefaction process that is happening in YOU .If you are having an irritated bowel, you will be prone to malnutrition and allergy. Do you know that constipation can indirectly result in facial acne?


Sleeping late is a norm in this 21st century due to different interests and demands in life. However, you fail to acknowledge the right of the human body to have adequate sleep .Sleeping at the right time with the right number of hours ensure that our growth hormones and melatonin are produced to assist in the body repair. Do you agree ?

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To a better health,

Dr Nor

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