Fat Chance

Escaping the clutches of stubborn fats

Minutes before the fireworks on New Year’s, most of us gave ourselves a dateline to get fitter, shappier and snazzier this year. Will you be meeting yours? If you answered with the title above and added a couple of exclamation points, then you may want to read on.


In ten years (1996 – 2006), the adult obesity rate has tripled, with one out of every ten Malaysians above age 18 being either overweight or obese.


Maybe you’re at your wits end with fad diets — the Mediterranean diet, the Atkins diet, The Perfect Gene diet and more – and still those love handles won’t shed. While exercise is important, it isn’t the only way to lose weight.


The truth is, you can overcome or avoid the fat trap simply by learning how these 7 fat alarms sound.

Stress activates cortisol production in your body like pushing the buttons on a soda machine. High cortisol levels contribute to weight gain.

People who reported sleeping 5 hours a night were much more likely to become obese as compared to those who caught 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Sleep deprived individuals are more prone to eating because of a hormone called “ghrelin”.

Hormonal imbalance such as underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism), Cushing’s syndrome, and polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can lead to weight gain and obesity.  5 to 10 per cent of women within the childbearing age suffer from PCOS, and often suffer from obesity, experience excess hair growth, and have reproductive problems and other health issues due to high levels of androgen hormones. Underactive thyroid slows down your metabolism, thus contributing to weight gain. You’ll also find yourself feeling lethargic and bloated. You need to restore your hormone levels back to the normal range in order to lose the weight.

  • AGE
As you get older, your hormone receptors become less responsive to stimuli, thus causing your body’s metabolic rate to decline. You tend to lose muscle — especially if you’re less active — and find your curves increasingly replaced by fat. If you don’t reduce your calorie intake as you get older, you can gain weight.

Some medicines slow down your body’s calorie-busting engines, increase your appetite, or cause your body to retain extra water — all of which can lead to weight gain. Such medications include corticosteroids, antidepressants and seizure prescriptions.

  • DIET
Over-sized meal portions paired with sedentary lifestyles pile on extra calories that don’t get burnt, and eventually metamorphosize into fat. The next time at take-out, skip the upsize and fries.

Your beauty bag could be your biggest culprit. Cosmetics like lipstick contains lead while whitening agents contain titanium dioxide. Synthetic chemicals like these block your receptors from naturally responding to hormonal stimuli to burn fat. In the kitchen, the silent culprit for obesity is monosodium glutamate (MSG).


Which of these areas can you start addressing today?

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For Better Health,
Dr Nor

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