Have a Glowing Beautiful Skin by Releasing the Power of Cosmeceuticals

Do you suffer from dry and dull skin? Is your skin beginning to sag? Are you having a problem with your eyebags? Are you bothered with the development of crows feet and upper lip line in your face?
Natural skin ageing happens faster due to too much sun exposure, cigarette smoking, stress, lack of sleep, and poor diet or the lack of vitamins A, C, and E, alpha lipoic acid, glutathione, and good fats. Other causes are excessive alcohol consumption, harsh soaps, chemicals or toxins in cosmetics or environment, and the lack of sex hormones.
It is therefore important to understand the process of skin aging. Here are the common results of skin aging:

1. Lack of colour and radiance
In order to have a glowing skin, it is important to maintain the intricate balance between the hormones and the anti-oxidants and these must be amply supplied to the skin.

As women ages, also goes with it is the diminishing production of estrogen, which is a very important female hormone thatprovides a woman the youthful beauty and shape. Wrinkles, dull and aged skin are often results of the stopping of the production of estrogen.

In the case of the men, the lack of testosterone may also result in deep wrinkles and dry skin. For this reason, testosterone is therefore not only for sexual libido but also useful in keeping a healthy skin and body!

2. Drying of skin
As you reach the age of 35, it is said that the production of natural oil of the skin by the sebaceous gland reduces and this process shall carry on.

3. Skin damaged by too much exposure to sunlight
With long exposure to sunlight, the skin pigment cells also known as melanocytes will not be able to protect us from UV radiation and so when you reach the age of 30 and onwards, you will find that your skin have pigmentations.

4. Skin thinning
The subcutaneous tissues (skin fat) and the dermis layer of our skin will start thinning as we reach the age of 40, and this becomes more vivid  during a person’s perimenopausal period when the sex hormones further reduce. As a result, the skin sags and it will cause a ‘prune like effect’ to the skin – the face won’t look tight and then the skin on the neck and around the eyes and the mouth also sags.

5. Skin healing process decelerates
Our growth hormone (anti-aging hormone) slowly declines at 1-2% every year after the age of 30 which then ,will lead to the slowing down of the healing process of the skin.

6. Loss of skin firmness
Our skin loses its firmness as collagen and elastin reduces when we age, and another factor that causes the lack of substance is hormonal depletion.

Therefore, it is essential that we begin to take preventive measures while we are younger or before the changes start to happen.

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To a better health,

Dr Nor

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