How to get a healthy body and be happy

The 4 Pillars of Health

“Our state of health & happiness depends more upon our perception of life events around us than on the events themselves” – Christiane Northrup MD, author of Women’s Bodies , Women’s Wisdom

Healthy body integrates the following  -

- Integration of the body, emotions, mind and spirit to enhance wellness and longevity

- Integration of the best allopathic & complementary medicine

- Expansion of knowledge & wisdom

– The Future of Integrated Health –

Pillar 1: Detoxification

Well now, isn’t that quite the most overused word these days.  That intimidating 5-letter word stamped across tea bags, body care products, candy coloured pills, face masks and just about everything else.

Simply put, “detox” means “to purify your body from toxins”.  And why so?

Like a rusty engine falling apart on the highway, a toxin-filled body suffers tissue damage and becomes more vulnerable to silent inflammation and chronic degenerative diseases like arthritis and Alzheimer’s. Toxin overload can cause brain fog, impair your immune system, enlarge your thyroid and even disrupt hormone production.

Pretty nasty stuff.

While your body is naturally equipped to manage certain levels of toxins, there comes a point when your system will be overtaxed if not properly detoxed.

How can you get toxic overload? Here are some common unsuspecting sources:

  • Food toxins: 3000 Food additives, pesticides, antibiotics and hormones
  • Water toxins: 700 synthetic chemical compounds identified to date
  • Vehicle emission: Carbon monoxide, benzene, sulphur
  • Tobacco smoke: Heavy metals
  • Others: Drugs, electromagnetic fields, plastic, household appliances, dental fillings (made from mercury, nickel , gold)

Getting Detoxed

The main organs that aid your body’s natural detoxification processes are:

  1. Gastrointestinal tract (gut)
  2. Lymphatic system
  3. Kidney system
  4. Liver
  5. Lungs
  6. Skin

Step 1: Detox by reducing exposure

Stay away from the bad stuff. It’s simple and it’s cost free.

  • Choose to eat healthy and go organic whenever you can. Avoid xenoestrogens which have estrogenic effects. Such compounds are found in hormone fed chickens and cattle.
  • Steer clear from plastic mineral water bottles as these leach out cadmium and phthalate, as well as aluminium foil food wrappers. In my experience, convenience is a pretty poor trade-off for health.
  • Check your water source for contaminants.
  • Opt for natural cleaning products to keep your air formaldehyde free. Placing live plants indoors also help filter the air in your home.
  • Get a good dose of natural light each day.
  • Mercury dentail fillings have been found to have adverse effects on the immune system. Check your teeth regularly for gum and root canal infections as these may be sources of weakened immune system.
  • It’s okay to live the simple life  now and again. When possible, keep away from electromagnetic fields created by bedside electric clocks, computers, heating blankets and especially the TV! These can alter your bio-rhythms and decrease your melatonin production (natural sleep hormone).

Step 2: Detox with body therapies

It’s nice to know that there are a whole selection of body pamper therapies that actually aid detoxification.

  • Bathing, skin brushing, body work, lymphatic drainage/massage, infrared therapy, sauna and hyperbaric chambers.
  • Gut detox therapies which include colon cleansing, liver cleansing, small bowel therapy and lymphatic system therapy .
  • Chelation therapy with EDTA helps rid your body off heavy metals more effectively than other forms of chelation. You can also use DMSA or DMPS but only with a doctor’s prescription.
  • Treatment for fungal infections. Such infections can compromise your immune system, and yeast infections like Candida is responsible for ailments such as skin allergy, depression, headache, weight gain, unpredictable moods and acne.
  • Deep breathing practices such as yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong helps improve oxygen distribution throughout your body, relaxes the mind and increases lymphatic flow.

Stay tune for Pillar 2 in the post.

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For Better Health,
Dr Nor

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    “Health is wealth” Healthy body is one of the most primary things to being happy. You have shared wonderful post for the same…

    Thanks for sharing..

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