Is Hormones Replacement Therapy Right For You?

Hormones regulate your body and your life! Your QUALITY of life will depend on hormones and hence, it makes sense to want to balance and feel alive.

There are lots of simple things in life that you take for granted. The ability to carry your grocery bags without having neck pain  the next day may be due to low cortisol or testosterone level. Remember, you used to carry these things without any pain when  you used to help your parents carrying the grocery bag home. Have you had neckpain upon getting up in the morning? Changing the new pillow or posture when sleeping did not help you at all. It may be due to your hormones.

Sleeping well is such a gift from God as when you have problem staying and falling asleep, the next day will just be ‘unproductive’ as you do not feel vibrant and feel like a ‘zombie’. This simple thing like sleeping well ,is contributed to melatonin and your sex hormones .

Do you ever put on weight despite cutting down on your food intake? Weight control is contributed to the type of foods, thyroid and leptin balance and not forgetting, the growth hormones too.

Or even suffer from hunger pangs all the time despite   having to eat just an hour ago? The yo-yo of the blood sugar level can  be contributed to insulin,  a metabolic hormone, that may be already be resistant to the body. Your satiety is only short-lived and you need a larger amount of foods to satisfy you. That will inevitably lead to over-eating or eating the wrong type of food (in this case is the carbohydrates ) that will eventually lead to obesity. Insulin resistance is very common as the main fat accumulation is at the belly leading to ‘apple-shaped’ obesity.

See what hormonal imbalance (too much or too little ) can do for you.

In my practice, only a very small minority of my patients who do not need hormones. MOST of us do need some form of hormonal balance.

The most important points to consider when considering HRT are :

1-Find a good physician.

A good physician will always listen to your complaints first and compare your symptoms with the lab results .Your physician needs to assist you in answering all of your queries.

2-Be responsible and knowledgeable

You need to do your homework and be informed of the types of hormones that you are taking .You are your BEST doctor and the doctor is just your GURU. The least you need to do is to know what hormones you are taking.

3-Do you want a better and optimal  life?

Knowing what you want in your life helps.

You may want to be physically active as you cherish the outdoor activities such as jungle trekking, skiing, cycling, scuba diving and ‘kayaking.’Hormones allow you to stay in control of your physical and mental health.

If staying in-door and feeling sorry for yourself are acceptable by you, you have already made the decision .Life is seen from your point of view AND NOT the physician’s point.

Once you have experienced OPTIMAL LIVING with hormone balance, life will be even more meaningful and juicer!

4-Which hormones to replace?

You will need to test your hormones through blood / urine/saliva .You MUST choose a  reliable laboratory .You will be given an overdosed of hormones based on the lab results that showed a low hormones although you actually have a normal level.

5-Use Bio-Identical Hormones

Avoid strictly the use of synthetic hormones .They confuse your body.

6-Be committed

A-Follow-ups are very important as they ensure that proper monitoring is being done .Some patients default follow-up as  they view it as trivial. Follow-ups include symptom checking, physical examination and blood tests (not done at each visit).You will need to do Pap smear and mammogram/ultrasound of the breasts.You should ask for DITI ( digital thermography Imaging) as you will not be exposed to radiation.This thermography detects inflammatory breast lesions or any part if it is imflammed.

If you default many follow-up appointment, you may not continue your HRT with your physician. Commitment is vital. It is a 2 way communications.

B-Follow instructions given by the physician.

7-Reduce the risk of disease related with aging.

If you want to slow done osteoporosis, prevent high blood pressure, high cholesterol, HRT should be considered as YOUR options. The earlier you start, the later the onset of degeneration or your body functions.

For more information on Hormones Replacement Therapy, please contact +603 62030980.

To a better health,

Dr Nor

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