Rejuvenate YOUR SKIN ,Rejuvenate YOU!

NO one wants to age and aging is inevitable. If you can slow down aging , you are able to reduce the illnesses that come with aging  like arthritis ,heart disease , osteoporosis and many more.One way for you to know your health is to look at your skin health. Hence your skin will tell you your health in general.

4 tips to have better looking  skin :

1-Reduce environmental toxins

  • Strong Sun – Ultraviolet radiation  or sunbasking at noon – cause a lot of inflammation to the skin and hence accelerate damage.This results in pigmentation and wrinkles
  • Stop  smoking – with 1 puff of cigarette ,you generate 300 types of chemicals that will strip off your nutrients and to make it worse,your risk of premature cataract due to tissue oxidation to the eye lenses.Smoking destroy collagen and elastin ,important meshwork of skin that gives it’s a good texture and glow to the skin .Smoking also chokes the skin of blood flow that carry the nutrients!
  • Harsh face soap and avoid parabens. Mineral wash will be good . It does not rob your natural oil in your skin.

2-Manage stress

  • You  cannot manage time as time cannot be managed. However,you can manage  YOUR activity
  • Have allocated time for the things that you enjoy doing
  • Keep the MAIN thing the MAIN thing

3-Healthy Diet

  • A healthy diet can help you look and feel your best. Eat plenty of fruits especially of low glycemic index such as berries, guava, etc  vegetables, sprouted grains and lean proteins.
  • You need to watch out for food intolerance or inflammatory foods such as MILK!
  • Take adequate essential fatty acids and vitamins ( A,C,E and D! )

4-Balanced Hormones

  • Ensure that your hormones are balanced .Too much of estrogen  (estrogen dorminant) or too much of testosterone  ( in Polycystic ovaries syndrome ) can contribute to acne or oily skin
  • If your skin is dry , you need to have balanced thyroid, estrogen  for the females, testosterone  for the males.
  • If you are depleted of Growth hormones  ,your eyes will start to look droopy and you have a sagging cheek.
  • Would you not agree to look beautiful takes a lot of effort ?

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To a better health,

Dr Nor

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