WHY DETOXIFY ..IS it a MYTH or reality?

How important is detoxification?

As we eat and get exposed to toxic substance, we oftentimes accumulate toxic by-product wastes in our body.The human body does not necessary die from these toxins but continue to malfunction and suffer from chronic ailments especially in the presence of high levels of metal toxin such as lead, Aluminum, arsenic etc.

Hence before we get sick, we must be able to eliminate these wastes and that is why detoxification is important. Detox is a process of eliminating these toxic by-product wastes, and our body does it through the help of our liver, kidney, and skin. Also providing channels for detoxification are the large intestines.

It is most important to stop the use or ingestion of toxic substance as you undergo the process of detoxification, and in this process you will need enough tissue oxygenation, hydration (water intake), more probiotics and enough minerals and anti-oxidant.

Detoxification was not a popular term decades ago, but now it has become a common term heard in the radio or television and written in newspapers and magazines.

So why detoxify?

A lot of things that we use and the foods that we consume are actually based on chemical by-products. That’s why there is a need to detoxify. Basic examples of the things that can actually be a source of chemical by-products are drugs, cosmetics, chemical spray, dental amalgams, and even the food that we eat daily.

Mercury tainted vaccines and even those drugs that can be purchased over the counter may be sources of chemical by-products, whereas cosmetics with parabens, titanium, iron, and coloring can also be the same. With the food that we eat, those with monosodium glutamate (MSG), milk products, those with coloring, preservatives, trans fatty acids can also be good sources of chemical by-products, including vegetables and fruits that are sprayed with chemicals like pesticides. These chemicals can impair detoxification process in our liver and immune system.

Dental amalgams on the other hand are the grey or silver fillings that are being commonly used in dental cavities. Mercury, silver, and nickel are used during preparation and due to its chemical properties  , it always leave a bigger cavity because these compounds can actually erode our teeth. Worst is, it can be deposited in our tissues as we chew our food, and these may affect our thyroid, hair, bone marrow, and other organs and eventually weakens our immune system causing an imbalanced health conditions.

Other sources of chemical by-products are chemotherapy, radio scanning dyes (dye-related X-ray/CT scan), chemicals found in furniture, carpets, wall paints, car, hair dyes, and industrial air, and even alcohol and cigarettes.

Having known these numerous sources of chemical by-products, we can therefore see the importance of detoxification, and there are several ways to detoxify. These may include the following:

  • EDTA chelation is used  in order to remove heavy metals and improve the flow of blood in the body.
  • Colon cleansing can improve gut health, and this can be done alongside with supplementation of probiotics and ozone rectal in order to   enhance the  liver detoxification process
  • In order to improve the function of your organs, it is also advised to undergo blood ozonation and oxygenation
  • You may also do a process of correction of minerals and supplying enough natural anti-oxidants by  doing juicing, thus  making sure that the body pH balance is maintained

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To a better health,

Dr Nor

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